Home Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain Home RemedyBack pain is very common in age groups above 20yrs. However, in recent years there have been a surge of back pain cases in the teens. Back pain can be of many types and in most cases a symptom of a number different related ailments: minor muscle injury, a slipped disk, and even serious conditions e.g. cancer.

Symptoms of Back Pain

Back pain, just like fever, is a symptom and should not be treated as a disease. Instead of curing back pain, most effective solution is to find out the root cause of back pain and eliminate it. Based on the localized pain and the severity of back pain, underlying causes can be diagnosed. Sometimes the pain transmits to other parts of the body, especially the shoulders arms and the neck. The severity of pain can range from mild to very sharp. Many people report numbness in the limbs and overall dullness associated with a back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

  • Injury, external or internal damage: Slipped discs are more common cause of back pain in elders. Here, part of an inter-vertebral disc bulges out from the spine, thereby compressing nerves and causing terrible pain. This is often associated with improper posture during heavy weight-lifting and other difficult physical tasks. It’s always advised not to lift heavy items with the back bent.
    A fractured bone can also cause similar pains in the back. Both of these are easily detected by x-ray examination.
  • Strains: Sitting too long in awkward position, making sudden awkward movements, over-straining the back muscles, lifting heavy weights improperly (with the back bent) add to the strain on the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing pain that recovers with sufficient rest.
  • Degenerative conditions: Conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis affect the bones and/or joints. This causes weakness in the spines.
  • Psychological problems: Depression and mental stress can sometimes increase the severity of back pain.
    Infections: In few cases, infections and cancer has been found to have affected the spine or the nerves in the spine causing inflammation and other back related problems.

Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Back pain home remedies are often related to eliminating the root cause of the pain:

  • Hot and Cold compress: Apply hot and cold compress using a hot water bag or an ice pack. This ensures better blood circulation to heal inflammation.
  • Warm bath: Sit in a tub of warm water, for 5 minutes, twice a day.
  • Get enough rest: Relax. Avoid physical strain on your back.
  • Avoid mental stress.
  • Get a soft oil massage.
  • Food Supplements: Consult your doctor and consider taking vitamin C and calcium supplements.
  • Strengthen the back muscles: Exercise under professional guidance. Simple stretching is also helpful.

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