Kidney Stones home remedies

Kidney stones is the painful disorders of kidneys/ urinary tract and occurs from deposition of crystals of calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate, uric acid and cystine. Kidney stones can range in size from as small as a dust particle to as large as marbles. The small sized kidney stones usually come out of the body without causing much trouble; whereas surgery may be needed to remove the larger stones. Normally minerals get dissolved in urine. However, due to dehydration, these salts sometimes can’t dissolve and crystallization takes place.

Uric acid stones appear brown, and hard whereas Oxalate stones are rough. Phosphate stones are white and soft.

Kidney Stones Symptoms

  • Frequent desire to urinate
  • Mild throbbing pain tends to originate in the lower back, on the side, lower ribs or abdomen
  • Severe pain in attempt to pass down the ureter
  • Painful and scanty urination
  • Can cause nausea, vomiting, sweating, and chills
  • Re-occurring Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
  • Occasional blood with the urine
  • Cloudy or foul-smelling Urine

Causes of Kidney Stones

Things that may result in Kidney stones:

  • Insufficient intake of fluids
  • Calcium kidney Oxalate stones are caused by excess calcium in the urine
  • Excess intake of acid-forming foods like meat, tea, coffee, spices etc. ; white flour and sugar products
  • Defects in the general metabolism and living sedentary life-style
  • Excess vitamin D and lack of vitamin A
  • Uric Acid Stones are caused by high-protein diet
  • Cystine Stones occur in individuals suffering from a hereditary disorder known as cystinuria
  • Stuvite Stones found in women are linked to chronic urinary tract infections

Kidney Stones home remedies

Most of the home remedies are related to controlling the type of diet:

  • Avoid in diet: excess milk, calcium rich foods, oxalate rich foods, too much of proteins, alcoholic beverages, condiments and pickles
  • Citrate in lemon and other citrus fruits is a natural inhibitor of kidney stone formation.
  • One-two figs boiled in a cup of water should be taken in the morning.
  • Boiled “Kidney Beans” (French Beans / Rajma) help destroy the kidney stones.
  • Celery in diet helps prevent kidney stones from occurring.
  • A cup of radish leaves juice twice a day is a good natural remedy for kidney stones.
  • Fresh Tomato juice with a pinch of salt and pepper should be taken first thing in the morning.
  • A teaspoon of holy basil leaves juice can be taken with one teaspoon of honey.
  • An apple a day keeps kidney stones away! Eating grapes also helps. Pomegranate and watermelon are also very effective in diluting the kidney stones
  • Five grams of Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris) seed powder with a teaspoon of honey with goat milk is effective against kidney stones.
  • Pashanbhed (berginia ligulata) powder should be taken daily.
  • Regular intake of coconut water can break up the stones and make them easier to pass out.

After all, a healthy lifestyle with physical activities helps prevent diseases of all kind.

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  1. Most kedney stones can be treated without surgery. Consult a specialist only if you feel pain. Small stones should not be something to worry about.

  2. I released from the hospital last month after being diagnosed and treated for Kidney stones with infection. It is very painful.
    I wouldn’t wish this situation on anyone.

  3. To take protein or to not take protein; everything has a side-effect. Best solution IMHO is to stop listening to the doctors. :/

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